Classic and Simple

with a strong connection to architecture

Interior design is first of all all about the clients. About their needs, their aspirations, their values, their way of living and working, their style.

Interior design is also about revealing the personality of the house. It starts with defining the architectural vocabulary of a space in its historical and current context. Giving structure by revealing lines, axes and reference points which guide the moving eye. The desire for symmetry, balance and rhythm is one of the most inveterate of human instinct. Rhythm is dynamic and energises space. Scale is of prime importance.

Neutral rooms reveal the sculptural qualities of furniture and objects. Ronald prefers scaling up and grand, but not dramatic gestures.

Key words are classic and simple, with a strong connection to architecture. He loves to use modern arts, antiques and custom designed furniture, made by the best craftsmen and finest artisans.

By adding "pièces uniques" he creates interiors with true personality, which reveal the taste and style of the client.